This partnership focus on stakeholder engagement between our organizations, join Utopies pioneering and international experience Rever experience and depth knowledge of Brazilian context and Uniethos ability to consolidate and disseminate key concepts on Corporate Social Responsability.
Rever, Uniethos e Utopies have developed this partnership to develop this platform capable of producing knowledge and lavarage companies stakeholder engagement undestanding and pracices, both at corporate and operation levels.

  Rever Consulting was created to support companies in the design and implementation of transformative and innovative solutions to regional and global challenges. Since 2006, Rever works to integrate sustainability to business in Brazil. We offer our clients customized solutions for the definition of sustainability strategies and orientation for implementation, stakeholder engagement, strategic social investment, as well as sustainability communications and reporting. Through international partnerships, we apply trends, best practices and the perspective of global sustainability experts to the Brazilian business context.
  Uniethos is an innovative nonprofit organization, providing services to companies in order to develop sustainability in business, through stakeholders' engagement and establishment of partnerships that contribute to increasing competitiveness and create value for society. The Uniethos works seamlessly with Ethos Institute with a joint strategy to promote changes in economy and business practices.
Acknowledged as "the pioneering consultancy for sustainable business strategies" (Enjeux-Les Echos Magazine, Nov. 01), Utopies is a French consultancy created in 1993 by Catherine Gougnaud and Elisabeth Laville in order to promote sustainable development within the French and European business world and also to advise companies on the definition and implementation of their corporate social and environmental responsibility.